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a series of playlists that will be curated by members of hiva oa, its extended family and close friends, and musicians we have worked and played with in the past. 

the playlist will evolve over each month.

we hope you enjoy....and share. 


#9 - Amelinda Burich

Next up is Milwaukee's Amelinda Burich. I first got to know Amelinda through her work with Group of the Altos during my time with mini50ecords. Amelinda was kind enough to lend her vocals to Astroturfing on our new EP. 

You can now catch her playing badass bass with new outfit 'Rose of the West'. Really looking forward to hearing some output from those guys and hopefully we can do some dates together. All we need is for The Don to build a bridge..... 

Come on Big D., stop fannying about and....



BUILD A BRIDGE........etc. 


....great stuff here. 


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