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a series of playlists that will be curated by members of hiva oa, its extended family and close friends, and musicians we have worked and played with in the past. 

the playlist will evolve over each month.

we hope you enjoy....and share. 


#4 - Old Earth (Todd Umhoefer)

I first met Todd during his Scottish tour back in September 2013, in support of his album Small Hours. We hit it off right away and I'm glad to say we are still good friends, albeit with several thousand miles separating us. 

A prolific artist, two albums and several EP's later, he has gone from strength to strength and now resides in Sonoma, CA. 

I hope to see him close to these shores again sometime soon, but for now, Todd was kind enough to pull together this months playlist. 





you can find his work at

mini50 currently have a sale of Old Earth's A Wake in the Wells LP for £6 on vinyl. So go grab a bargain. You won't regret it!!

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