a series of playlists that will be curated by members of hiva oa, its extended family and close friends, and musicians we have worked and played with in the past. 

the playlist will evolve over each month.

we hope you enjoy....and share. 


Women's Work 2018

this saturday, we will play the 2018 Women's Work showcase on what looks set to be our only show of the summer (and with some new songs to boot....)

privileged to be involved in this years' festival and added to such a great line up; festivities kicking off tomorrow. 

one of the main organisers, Charlene Hegarty (creative director of Zero Myth and manager of Hiva Oa favourites Kitt Philippa & New Pagans) has kindly pulled together a playlist of the acts featured on saturday's showcase, to give you a flavour of the night....it's gonna be big!


super bonus bonus track.......coz Spotify ain't got's no monopoly......

#11 - Celtronic Special Edition

To say that we are excited to make our Celtronic debut tomorrow would be somewhat of an understatement!

Christine has pulled together a special playlist to get us in the mood. 

Can't wait to see the Derry heads!!!

Party on Wayne....... 

#10 - Fears

Those of you kind folk who managed to make it along to our ep launch in Belfast a few months back were lucky enough to be treated to a very fine performance from Fears. 

We are delighted to have have the opportunity to play with Fears again this Thursday at Lavery's, Belfast. Event page and details via www.hivaoa/tour

You can find a taste of Connie's work as Fears via bandcamp


Hope to see you there, and for those further afield, get stuck in to Fears. You'll thank us later!!!

#9 - Amelinda Burich

Next up is Milwaukee's Amelinda Burich. I first got to know Amelinda through her work with Group of the Altos during my time with mini50ecords. Amelinda was kind enough to lend her vocals to Astroturfing on our new EP. 

You can now catch her playing badass bass with new outfit 'Rose of the West'. Really looking forward to hearing some output from those guys and hopefully we can do some dates together. All we need is for The Don to build a bridge..... 

Come on Big D., stop fannying about and....



BUILD A BRIDGE........etc. 


....great stuff here. 


#8 - Olga Kuzmenko

.......taken far too long to post {this} months playlist. We first met Olga during our State 'Ones to Watch' feature back in January and she was kind enough to pull together this months playlist. I say this month's......I'm the best part of 2 months late now....

You can catch more of her work at 



...bring the noise......

#7 - Caolán Austin

Earlier this month we found some time to head up to the fantastic Smalltown America recording studio in Derry and had the pleasure of working with Caolán. He was kind enough to take time out of his busy schedule and pull together this months playlist. 

Really looking forward to getting back to this studio with Caolán early next year!


...he was only a touch over our usual 45min playlist guidelines....but will let him off......

#6 - Chris McCorry

Next up is the newest member of Hiva Oa. Chris came on board in the later half of 2016 and has added great depth to our set up. 


The Moogman cometh......


#5 - Cows & Clouds (Tina Houlihan)

Next up is someone closer to home. Felt it was necessary for Tina to pull together this months playlist, given that her photo and person forms the cover of our new EP mkII (part 1). 

Catch more of her incredible photos below!

More Photo's from Tina (Cows&Clouds). 


#3 - Marco

he moved back to Italy because he had forgotten how to speak Italian. 

now he has forgotten how to speak english. 

Cazzo, it's Marco!

he may be based out of Velletri and cutting shapes with his new band,  but he is still very much a part of the Hiva Oa family.