the awkward hello, handshake, kiss.

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the awkward hello, handshake, kiss.

by Hiva Oa

"Eocatively poignant, nostalgic and steeped in melancholia, this debut is a must for fans of moody male / female vocal and acoustic work that’s not afraid to explore the darker side of life. An interesting and unique debut." - Fluid Radio 

"This whitewashed chorus is the sound of inner dissonance, nothing really to do with the external world of instruments or processing. This is a place of quiet disorder, of serotonin failure. It is a relief when the mournful cello joins the slight vocals. Rapturous when the sharp cracks of snare drum part the ether and echoes and unbalance." - The Muse in Music 

"Male and female vocals dovetail to a basic backing of guitar, bass and cello. From this starting pad, a more sensurround experience of glockenspiel and martial drums are thrown into a scratchily looped mix that swirls and sways its way into being.... Hiva Oa stick to the shadows, erupting into a rolling thunder before coming to a hush once more." - The List 

"Falling somewhere across dream pop, drone and shoegaze, new single Badger perfectly exemplifies what they’re all about." - The Tidal Wave of Indifference 

"To hear of them is to experience an adventurous, skewed take on poetic art rock with the resulting languorous melancholy inducing a near hypnotic state." - Bluesbunny Music Reviews